Change is Coming

About Dealer Performance Consulting

Company Overview:

Stephen Zap, president of Dealer Performance
Consulting has been in the automobile industry for
over 25 years. In those years he has attended various
schools and seminars on management, leadership and
dealership operations. He also started the highly
successful vehicle locating company, based in Ohio,,Inc. in 2000.

Our Mission:
No Business is Perfect

But don’t let perfect be an enemy of great.

With our program of Goals, Controls,
Procedures, we can help your dealership
attain the next level of profitability.

With the economic uncertainty we have
today, you have to maximize every
opportunity you have to improve your
bottom line.

Our Service:

Are you and your management team proactive
to the changing market or are you just observing
what is happening in your market? Crisis Management
is just that, waiting for something to happen and then respond to a problem.
Why not change the cycle from responding to a crisis,
to being ahead of the curve by being proactive.

Proactive Management
1. Forecasting
a. Setting goals
2. Balanced inventory
a. New vehicles
b. Used vehicles
3. Measure and manage sales force
a. Training
4. Control expenses
a. Advertising
b. Floorplan
c. Commissions

“The future ain’t what it used to be.”

Yogi Berra

Was Yogi Berra talking about baseball or the automobile industry?
Is this the way you look at your dealership?
Automobile sales are becoming more of a challenge every day and the dealership with the best Variable Operations wins!
Dealer Performance has several exciting new programs that can be tailored to fit any size budget and dealership to maximize variable departments gross profit.
Programs must be customized to meet your specific needs, one size will not work in today’s environment.